Current Pricing

Piano / music / songwriting lessons

$60 per hour. Lessons for most students are 1 hour per week. Billed on the first of each month. Most months come to $240 (4 weeks in a month x $60/hr = $240).

Music production

$60 per hour. A project can be as simple as one instrument and one voice, which might take only a few hours to record. Or, it can be more complicated, with several harmony layers and other instruments, which might take 10 or 15 hours depending on the song.

A lot of it also depends on how much you have decided on before you come to the studio. Do you know how you want every single note and chord to land? Have you written your harmony parts already or are we going to figure that out in the studio? The more you have it practiced and written out in advance, the faster the studio time goes, which saves you money.

These projects are billed and payable by the session. Most sessions are a minimum of 3 hours to get some real, serious work done.

If you’re producing a song and you just need some keys work done, I can also provide that.

Live music

In general, $125 per hour per musician, but this is on a case-by-case basis. There are a lot of variables, such as:

  • how many musicians do you want (me solo? piano/voice? piano/bass/drums/voice?)
  • if just me on piano, do you provide the piano or do I need to bring my keyboard?
  • if I bring my keyboard, am I providing the PA or are you?