I make lyric videos.

Picture of Andy Grall

I make lyric videos and here’s why you need one.

A lyric video allows your audience to connect with the words of your song on a deeper level. It’s also another way to share your music – something visual that might catch the eye of someone flicking through Instagram, who stops to listen and then becomes a fan! Hey, it could happen. Happens all the time, actually.

What about music videos?

Music videos are GREAT, but also EXPENSIVE. Since I’m the only one doing the lyric video for you, my overhead is low, so I can charge less for a lyric video than someone would charge for a full music video.

A music video usually requires camera shots, multiple locations, lots of people, props, editing, etc. A lyric video can be as simple as an image and scrolling text. Both are shareable and help you connect with your audience – but lyric videos are much more affordable!

Examples of lyric videos I’ve done

Wrong Turns by Elsa Grace

I also share co-producer credits on this music.

Starlight and Lethal Dose by Raycheal Winters

Here are two from the same artist on the same album, so we did a similar vibe for both videos.

Here I Am by Elsa Grace

One of my long-time clients came in to the studio one day, ready to record another session. While she was in the vocal booth and we (co-producers and her mom) were in the studio booth, we heard her playing on a guitar and crying. Her mom explained that her grandfather had passed away in the last two weeks. She was spontaneously writing a song about it, so I had my co-producer Doyle hit record. We ended up with a very touching memorial to her grandfather. I created this lyric video using photos and videos she provided.

Talk Awhile by Elsa Grace

I share cowriting and coproducing credits on this one as well.

Take by Tori La’Rae