Andy is an amazing mentor and a pleasure to learn from

I purchased my first piano about a year and a half ago. For the first couple of months I tried learning on my own by using YouTube and other online materials. While I could memorize parts of some songs, I quickly hit a wall as I had little to no understanding of music theory. Frustrated, I let the piano gather dust in the corner and stopped my musical journey.

After a tip from a coworker, I setup a trial session with Andy just under a year ago. I was initially unsure about using an online instructor, and was even less sure that I had the aptitude to learn to play. The first session with Andy was enough to change my mind. He is knowledgeable, supportive, and most importantly, understanding. I’ve never felt pressured or stressed that I need to learn anything and I know that I can always reach out with any questions. He is flexible with scheduling and is always willing to work with my sometimes inconsistent availability.

My time spent learning from Andy has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and I have no plans to stop anytime soon. I’ve learned to competently play a couple of songs but am most surprised at my growing understanding of music theory due to Andy’s lessons. Speaking as a complete beginner in music, I highly recommend giving him a shot because what I’ve learned these last few months has surpassed every expectation I had for myself.

Victor Trujillo

Excellent piano instructor and a great value

This guy LOVES music! Excellent piano instructor and a great value. He’s also very patient and charismatic.

Cali Reeves

His way of teaching makes learning easy

I’m really happy to have a chance to review Andy. He has been by far my favorite piano teacher. He makes playing piano fun and interesting. His way of teaching makes learning easy, explaining difficult concepts with practice examples. I’ve learned so much from him.

He is amazing with kids as well, I know it as my daughter was also his student. She loves playing piano, really thanks to Andy. Choose Andy as your piano teacher, you won’t regret it!

Ellie T.

His GIFT is to be able to relate to your child’s interests

He is an incredibly talented pianist, but his GIFT is to be able to relate to your child and draw out what really interests THEM, therefore getting them to love piano instead of dreading a dreary piano lesson. It’s magical to witness. Give him a call, I promise you will be glad you did.

Rita H.

He has endless patience

Andy has a wonderful way of explaining the difficulties of a song to me. He breaks it down so I can understand it better. He has endless patience and believes in practice, practice, and more practice. I have learned so much from him.

Andrea B.

Andy is patient, reassuring, and has a great personality.

Andy is a great teacher. He constructs your lessons according to your ability. I had taken lessons years ago but remembered many aspects of piano playing. If you can demonstrate a certain level, Andy doesn’t linger there just to make money. He incorporates the genre of music you enjoy, at your level, while continuing to teach the basics of music and music theory. Andy is patient, reassuring, and has a great personality. He evaluates your progress objectively. But no matter what, he points out the positive. He is a great teacher.

Randy C.

Andy customizes the lesson

Andy customizes the lesson to the student and brings clarity in the way to practice a piece.

Linda Demaray

My son is making great progress!

My son is making great progress! Good to see my son so interested in music. Thank you, Andy!

Lizette Awadein

Highly recommend!

Andy is a gifted pianist and teacher who puts his heart into his craft. Highly recommend!

Jen Dickey

He is excited when he sees me grow as a musician.

In January of 2019, at the age of 31, I was diagnosed with a rare type of blood cancer. The treatment was going to be intense, physically exhausting, and the damage to my fine motor skills would be permanent without some form of exercise during treatment – my oncologist recommended piano lessons, as it was minimally physically straining and I could practice at my own pace.

Turns out cancer treatment is really expensive, and so are piano lessons. You know what else – out of everyone I talked to Andy was the only experienced and qualified professional who was willing to work within my financial constraints. He was always available to answer my question in a reasonable, provided 1:1 lessons weekly, never became frustrated when treatment and lessons conflicted on the schedule. He genuinely cares about me as a person, and is excited when he sees me grow as a musician.

So what was the outcome of all of this – I successfully, over 6 months, made it through treatment with virtually no loss of my fine motor skills. I know all of the major classical scales, 3 major jazz scales, and have a basic understanding of music theory. I can do freeform practice at my own pace, my ability to sight read music is growing quickly, and I now have a skill that my family and friends enjoy.


He legitimately comes across as somebody who cares about me as a fellow human being (instead of a business transaction)

I’m an adult learner who started out on the piano without a background in music. I’m pleased to say that after doing some searching in my area, I found Andy and decided to give him a try. I like that Andy started off my journey by talking to me to find out what my interests in music and expectations were. It showed me that Andy was considering my needs and goals even from the outset.

Andy has been very communicative and quite lenient with rescheduling, which is something I appreciate, as my current lifestyle is hectic and can cause a lot of scheduling conflicts.

I can tell from the way that Andy approaches teaching that he wants me to build strong fundamentals and a solid grasp of music theory so that I’m able to understand and appreciate the music I play, instead of just learning to perform pieces mechanically.

Andy’s passion for piano is evident in all his interactions. The man’s eyes light up whenever he’s talking about music theory. As an example, he once got so excited about explaining chords, he went a full 30 minutes explaining them in various ways to help me understand them. I had wanted to see if I could catch on to what he was talking about, but 30 minutes went by quickly along with the realization that I had retained/understood very little of it.

As the lesson closed, I was embarrassed and admitted this to Andy. What did he do? Instead of ending the lesson as scheduled, he gave me 30 minutes of his own time to discuss material that I could work with that week (side note: Andy performs in events and has to practice his own material as well). Was he obligated to do this? Absolutely not. The whole situation could have been avoided if I had just communicated that I was lost early on. What makes this astonishing to me is that- not only did he give me additional time outside of what was scheduled- he was also very patient and understanding throughout the whole process.

Even without the additional time from that session, there is also the fact that Andy openly offers to answer any questions I have via text, in between our lessons. I would say that learning with Andy has been an absolute bargain, but I think it would be insulting to frame him in those terms; it is because he legitimately comes across as somebody who cares about me as a fellow human being (instead of a business transaction) and as someone who wants me to excel and find fulfillment in piano.

Thanks Andy!

Felix Tang

Very impressed with the progress they make after each session!

Andy is extremely knowledgeable and an excellent teacher. We have had the honor of working with Andy for more than 8 months. Both of my children have shared that he is very engaging and they both appreciate how he stops and explains what he is doing during their songwriting class . They like that he is receptive towards their input and overall very impressed with the progress they make after each session. I highly recommend him!

Heidi Dietrich

This is the person you want to take lessons from!

Andy has been my piano teacher for almost a year now and I have had nothing but an incredible experience working with him! I came to him as an adult who had already had years of experience playing and had no idea at the time how much he would be able to improve my technique and teach me things that I had never been taught before!

In one year I have improved greatly and I attribute it to my lessons with Andy! No matter what your age or experience is, this is the person you want to take lessons from!

I guarantee you will learn and be a completely satisfied customer! I give him 5 stars!

Jeremy Alspaugh

He has reignited my love for playing the piano again

Andy has been and continues to be a great inspiration and a patient teacher. His knowledge of theory and innovative ways of weaving it into your lesson makes learning more fun and interesting.

I had started lessons with Andy after not playing for a great many years and he has certainly reignited the love for playing the piano again….He is an awesome teacher!!!

Jeanette Seshadri

Andy is patient, focused and consistent

The kids enjoy the lessons and Andy is patient, focused and consistent with them. The age range for the three is between 4 and 8. He has been able to adjust the lessons not just to their skill level but also to their personalities and goals. That way learning piano is fun.

With me, we’ve been able to cover the foundation of what is needed and then branch off into more songs so I can practice and apply what was taught.

Joe Nickels

He will tailor the music to what his students enjoy

My daughter and I, both take piano lessons from Andy. He is equally good with kids and adults. He takes the time to explain the theory behind the music that he is teaching. What I also really appreciate about Andy is that he will tailor the music to what his students enjoy, whether it is rock, pop, jazz or classical. You, or your child will surely learn to play the piano while enjoying it with Andy as the teacher.

Gulnar Surveyor

I’m learning to listen and play what I’m hearing, rather than just relying on written music

Andy is an extremely well-versed pianist in many genres of music. Anything I bring to him, he can break down to help me understand. He has helped me to modernize my playing from strictly classical to having a better understanding of modern and jazz concepts. I’m learning to listen and play what I’m hearing, rather than just relying on written music. He describes it as “learning to speak a language, rather than having a translator tell you what to say.” I am learning to approach playing in a new way that has made learning new music much easier and more interesting.

Julie K.

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