About Me (Andy Grall)

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“Andy is a spirited and passionate musician that makes musical notes on paper come to life!

A kind, empathetic and wildly creative person who strives to share the beauty of music to all,
and draw out the musical talents in those he works with.”

Rita Harris
Andy Grall at the piano

I started taking private piano lessons at the age of 14 in Midwest City, Oklahoma, with an early focus on classical music, which turned to more modern styles like blues and jazz after a few years.

Shortly after I began lessons, I was recruited by my local church to become their regular pianist. Later on I became their music director, and transformed the music program from a dull, repetitive same-songs-every-week piano-only
setup to a full band with drums, keyboard, guitar and backup vocals.

I moved to Houston in 2013 in pursuit of a bigger community. It was then that I started taking on piano students. I’ve found one of the little thrills of my life is when a student has that moment of realization and learns a new concept which improves their playing and enjoyment.

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In 2015 I wrote and recorded my first album of cinematic piano music entitled “An Image of Worlds”. I knew almost nothing about recording and had no budget, but I wanted to get something done. You can listen to it here:

Since then, I have had the pleasure of co-writing and producing with some very talented singers.

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